Oh that’s nice, tell me something else?

I don’t know why I do it or why I let these people get to me, but I often find myself scrolling through the comment section below recipes and wondering why on earth these people exist. Whilst every website seems to have its fair share of crazy people below the line, it is these people that for some reason just bug me.

I was presented last week some lentil ragu by a friend. This I was pleasantly surprised with, she seems to have moved on from rice with ketchup and sour cream (students, ey). So I asked her for the recipe asked and received a link to it, this is when I found myself scrolling through the comments; in my experience though you can choose any recipe online and you will find something similar.

Any way, here are a couple from the ragu:

“I really fancied spaghetti Bolognese this evening – saw this and decided to give it a go as it was healthy. Afraid I didn’t like it, probably because I’m not a fan of lentils….this recipe didn’t change me mind!!”

Well thanks ‘taraoakman’; whilst I’m all for trying new things, I recently cooked a steak and as a vegetarian I couldn’t work out quite why I why I struggled with it.

“This was a healthier alternative to the meat version, but not as popular with our kids. We had to pile cheese on the top in order to get them to eat it, thus making it less healthy again. I won’t be making this again.”

I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with the recipe and more to do with the way you’re bringing up your kids. I’m not one to judge though since I don’t have any kids and don’t intend on doing so any time soon. What I would like to note though is that when I was growing up I use to love greasy meaty Bolognese filled with grated cheese and parmesan and look at me now, fit as a fiddle.

Why are people all like:

“Hello, I followed this recipe for chicken curry but I replaced the chicken with pork and made an apple sauce to go with the pork, I’d give the recipe 4/10 as it was a bit bland, the kids loved it though”

I just made that one up. But I’m sure someone has said it. These people are the worst though, they’ll comment on a website with an inane comment about how they’ve changed every ingredient and that the recipe was OK, “was missing a little something”. Even though they’ve just made something completely different.. Why?

I also don’t understand why everyone needs to talk about their “hubby who would never eat a meal without meat’ who turns out liked a meat free recipe. I’m just not interested, he sounds like a moron though, so thanks for letting me know.

Kudos to the people with sensible suggestions to improve the actual recipes.

Long live the internet.