Cameron lacks a moral backbone.

233010_1David Cameron so far has only managed to offer meaningless platitudes around the issue of Europe’s refugee crisis. His latest rooted in worn out phrases about jobs and economies being the sources of security needed in the Middle East; while this perhaps shows his intellectual shallowness and inability to think outside his party’s political narrative. It is however in keeping with his failure to construct a worthwhile foreign policy platform. Cameron stands still and dithers about what to do as the lives of millions are deeply affected by ongoing instability.

While he is correct in stating that there is not, “an answer that can be achieved simply by taking more and more refugees.” I wonder what he expects those who fear for their lives, their children, their families, to do while they wait for the world to respond. A British Prime Minister has no place in feigning such naivety at a time when people need to look to strong leaders to tackle such issues responsibly. Cameron knows full well that large numbers of people are fleeing the terror of their everyday lives and that stability and peace in the region are at this time nothing but an idealists utopian pipe dream.

Stating that Britain has taken, “a number of genuine asylum seekers from Syrian refugee camps” is nothing to be proud about when that number is smaller than it would take to fill up a Tube train; paltry compared to the 800,000 asylum seekers Germany has to deal with. Claiming you are dealing with asylum seekers who have risked their lives travelling thousands of miles to try to enter a country whose government is actively against them by “obviously taking action at Calais and the Channel,” not only vastly underestimates the scale of the problem in Europe, but should also strike a chord with any sensible person that the leader of the country can only offer such a trifling admission of complacency to such a large-scale problem. That’s right Dave, you keep ‘em at bay in Calais, we can then wait for them to start washing up along the shore around Dover before the stench starts to bother anyone.

So far Cameron has managed to paint himself as a humanitarian stalwart, a paragon of compassion and a lingering star in the West to those desperately in need of help. His actions understandable as he has spent the last five years explaining to the country that Britain is full-up and the only reason anyone would want to come to the country is to sponge off the state and Britain’s hard-working families. Political statements that still need to be upheld even as the number of bodies continues to grow; I wonder how much you can claim in benefits every time your child dies drowning.

Conservative party politics trump any need for humanitarian obligations, apparently.

All this being said, thank goodness he’s leading the country in stabilizing the Middle East so that people don’t have to bother with all that effort of coming here.

Britain is a leader in exports of arms to the Middle East, which can’t undermine any genuine efforts towards peace at all. Those fleeing ISIS can’t possibly be running to one of the countries that has more than likely armed the people they’re threatened by, can they. Upholding cozy relations with Saudi Arabia, those Wahabist exporting harbours of goodwill must also be part of Cameron’s daring plan to bring stability to the region. I wonder if David shares the same compassion as Boris does about Palmyra without questioning the underlying ideology of destroying idols. One can only wonder, but when you’re ignoring human rights at home, who needs to support them abroad.

With such a benevolent leader at our helm I’m actually ashamed to think that this is how Britain portrays itself to the world.